Letter of intent 'discrimination-free cab market Amsterdam'

Amsterdam cab industry takes action against discrimination.

The Amsterdam cab market is joining forces with the municipality and the Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam (MDRA) to combat all forms of discrimination within the cab market. This follows an incident last year during Pride Amsterdam in which a cab driver refused to take Pride Ambassador Jennifer Hopelezz.

Therefore, today, exactly one month before Pride 2019, all Amsterdam Permitted Taxi Organizations (TTOs), Uber, ViaVan and Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer (KNV), together with the municipality and the MDRA, are signing the declaration of intent 'discrimination-free cab market'.

Alderman Sharon Dijksma (Traffic & Transport): "Amsterdam is a city full of diversity. That makes the city colorful, lively and beautiful. But that also requires that we give each other space and respect differences. That also applies to the cab market in the city. We want everyone who gets into a cab in Amsterdam to feel welcome and be themselves. There is no place for discrimination."

The statement includes the following three measures:

  1. Drivers affiliated with TTOs and platforms are held accountable for discrimination at all times and are assisted in preventing and combating discrimination.
  2. When discrimination is identified, appropriate action is taken.
  3. The TTOs, Uber and Viavan have each designated a person within their organizations who will raise awareness among drivers.

Last year, Jennifer Hopelezz was turned away by a driver from Taxi Centrale Schiphol (TCS).

Jennifer Hopelezz: "This was unfortunately not an isolated incident but a daily reality for drags, fetishists, transgender people and anyone who stands out, and that causes tremendous anger in the LGBTQ+ community. I'm glad this is finally turning into something positive and hopefully ensuring that cabs in Amsterdam are safe for all residents of this city."

Gamis el Bouakili (director of cab company TCS): "This statement encompasses what we stand for and want to stand for as an organization. It's basically about treating people the way you want to be treated yourself. We are signing that here today and we want to carry that message."