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Let op! Wij zijn verhuisd. Je vindt ons nu op de Hobbemakade 29-H.

Disappointed with Human Rights Board ruling: health insurer does not discriminate by rejecting HIV patient.

Our client is an HIV patient and contacted the MDRA after he wanted to apply for disability insurance (AOV) but was rejected because he has HIV. He feels hugely discriminated against. The MDRA writes to the insurer. Because the insurer's response does not provide sufficient explanation, the MDRA files a petition with the CRM on behalf of the reporter.

Last night came the opinion of the Human Rights Board out: there is no discrimination. The MDRA, as well as our client, are very disappointed with the verdict. In the words of our client, "I've been through it all: from people dying because there's not enough medicine, to feeling invincible because, because of medicine, I now live a normal life. This case brought me back twenty years."

The College's opinion includes a recommendation recognizing that "the inability to obtain certain insurance policies contributes to the stigma of people who are HIV-positive. The Board calls on all health insurers to conduct research on the disability risk of persons with HIV infection in order to "contribute to the most energetic elimination of the currently existing unequal treatment of people who are HIV-positive.

Despite the great disappointment with the verdict, it is important to continue to raise these issues. The first steps towards stopping unequal treatment of people living with HIV have been taken. We would like to thank our client for trusting us.

Read here the NRC article on this case and view the full opinion of the Human Rights Board here.

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