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Let op! Wij zijn verhuisd. Je vindt ons nu op de Hobbemakade 29-H.

Launching Human Rights Flag

On December 10, the National Association of Anti-Discrimination Facilities in the Netherlands, Discriminatie.nl, launches the Human Rights Flag. On this day, also the International Day of Human Rights, they mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations (UN). One of the main goals of the UN is to protect and improve human rights. 

This flag is a symbol of equality of every human being on this earth. It emphasizes the positive and where we want to go with the world. The Human Rights Flag is of and for everyone. Especially in times when attention to racism and discrimination in the world is increasing, people are standing up against injustice and divisions in society sometimes even increases, this flag emphasizes togetherness and connection. It underscores the value of human rights. 

The human rights flag is a colorful flag with a thoughtful design. As humans, we have several things that connect us: we share the earth (green), the sky (blue) and a place under the sun (yellow). And no matter how different we may be, in appearance: we all have DNA (yellow wokkel). 

On December 10, this flag will fly on many buildings in the Netherlands and abroad. From Groningen and Friesland to Zeeland and Limburg. At Anti-discrimination facilities, at schools, municipalities, companies and individuals. 

For example, the municipality of Groningen will raise two large flags (five by eight meters) on the Martinitoren and students from a secondary school on a square in Leeuwarden will color the flag with sidewalk chalk. In Zeeland, for example, University College Roosevelt and the Liberation Museum raise the human rights flag. Business organization VNO-NCW MKB Noord also supports this initiative by raising the flag at various locations. raising the flag. 

See also: https://mensenrechtenvlag.nl/  

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