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Let op! Wij zijn verhuisd. Je vindt ons nu op de Hobbemakade 29-H.

Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam expands board with Marie Ricardo, Raoul White and Hui-Hui Pan

The Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam (MDRA) announces that the board was expanded last year with three new board members. Marie Ricardo was appointed as a new board member on June 9; prior to that, Raoul White and Hui-Hui Pan (also treasurer) joined the board last September.

The expansion of the board broadened the representation of residents of Amsterdam and the surrounding municipalities. Another factor in appointing the new board members was to further strengthen the connection with grassroots organizations. And finally, the board has been strengthened to better support the work of the MDRA; the MDRA is dealing with increasing volumes of reports. In addition, the MDRA wants to do more outreach by making more contacts in the field.

Raoul White is an independent consultant and works as a welfare manager at Swazoom in Amsterdam. He has an educational background in social work, HR and social sciences and also holds various volunteer and board positions in both welfare and sports.

Hui-Hui Pan is an organizer, strategist and connector and founder of Pan Asian Collective and broadcaster PAC (Pan Asian Connections). She has been working in the field of diversity and inclusion and Asian representation since 2006, with a focus on the Dutch arts, culture and media sector. She has an educational background in economics and international management and cross-cultural communication.

Marie Ricardo is strategic director of COC Netherlands, where their also held several other roles before that. In addition, their has worked for various organizations in the areas of gender, sexuality, human rights and inclusivity. Ricardo has an educational background in international law and specializes in gender and equality issues.

The Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam is an independent foundation with the goal of combating and preventing discrimination and influencing social processes underlying it. The MDRA has received a legal task from the municipalities to register complaints about discrimination, to handle these complaints and where possible to look for solutions The term of office of the board members is 3 years; they can possibly be reappointed once for the same period. The board members receive no remuneration for their board activities.

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