The team of Stichting Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam (MDRA) consists of six complaints consultants, a complaints coordinator, a policy officer, a project officer and an office manager, who are led by director Jerrol Marten.

The Governance code of the Discrimination Hotline provides direction on how the management, team and board function.
The board is unremunerated and committed to the objective of the Foundation and is formed by:

Drs. Dennis Boutkan

- President

Danny ten Veen BA

- Secretary

Drs. Hui-Hui Pan

- Treasurer

Mr. Dr. Carina van Eck

- Member

BA. Elijah Alvares

- Member

MSc. Amber Kegel

- Member

Drs. Ismail Simsek

- Member

From left to right: Ismail Simsek, Marc Schuilenburg (until July 2023), Elijah Alvares, Carina van Eck, Danny ten Veen, Hui-Hui Pan, Dennis Boutkan and Amber Kegel.