School discourages enrollment

A school discourages parents in advance from enrolling children with Down syndrome. This is done without investigating individual support needs. In fact, the "Draft School Support Profile" (SOP) on the school's website states the following: "For children with Down syndrome, a large majority of the team indicates that they cannot offer these children the guidance they need." 

Intake, mediation and hearing: Human Rights Board 

Several parents file complaints with the Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam as a result of the SOP. In the intake meeting with them it is agreed to present the complaints to the CRM. This is a national institute that tests complaints against the Equal Treatment Act. The Meldpunt Discriminatie submits a petition to the CRM that is discussed during a session at the CRM. 

Solution: apology from the school

The CRM finds that the school directly discriminates on the basis of disability or chronic illness with this text. The school also fails to fulfill its obligation to investigate. The school apologizes to the parents and removes the text from its website.