School discourages enrollment

A school discourages parents of children with Down syndrome to enrol for education there. This happens without any investigation into the individual support needs. The School Support Profile (SOP), listed on their website, notes that: “A majority of the staff is unable to provide children with Down syndrome the necessary support that they will need.”

Intake, mediation and trial: Human Rights Council

Various parents reported their complaint against the school’s SOP to the Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam. During the intake meeting the decision gets made to take the complaint to the College voor de Rechten van de Mens (Human Rights Council). This is a national institution that tests complaints according to the Wet Gelijke Behandeling (Equal Treatment Law). The Meldpunt Discriminatie petitions the Council, which takes the issue into consideration during a session.

Solution: apologies from the school

The Council decides that the school makes a direct distinction based on handicap or chronic illness with their policy. Furthermore, the school does not comply with the obligation to conduct research into individual support needs. The school apologises to the parents and removes the text from their website.

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