Social exclusion at school

By default, a school does not invite a parent who has not paid the school fee or additional contribution to school activities. Change in school policy is needed in many cases to combat such social exclusion. 

Constructive mediation conversation 

A parent therefore files a complaint about social exclusion with the Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam. In the intake interview, we agree to contact our cooperation partners Education Consumer Organization, Education Support Center and the Children's Ombudsman and the director of the school community. After an adversarial procedure, our discrimination consultant has a constructive conversation with the parent and the principal. 

Waiver scheme 

In response to the report, the school district is adjusting policies in a number of areas. For example, a remission scheme is explicitly included for families living on the social minimum. In addition, the principal of the school community promises to appoint an ombudsman or ombudsperson at the upper school level who is aware of all the concessions for families living on the social minimum.