What do we do with you your report?

Make sure you always report instances of discrimination! What do we do with your report? First, we listen to your story and register your complaint. After that we respond within five business days and invite you for an intake meeting. Some topics we might discuss include what exactly you want done and what you might expect from us. On the basis of each situation we will then get to work for you.

Complaints procedure: how it works


When can you file a report?

If you have been discriminated against or have witnessed discrimination against someone else. 


Filing a report. You can file a report through:


What happened?

The best way for us to help you is if your complaint concerns a concrete situation, an event or action that happened less than a year ago. If you have any doubts, please contact us! If you are not an inhabitant of the Amsterdam region we will refer you to your regional support centre.


Finding solutions together

What can we do for you and what actions could you take yourself? Together we will find an appropriate solution. We do so discreetly: your privacy is incredibly important to us.


Investigate and cooperate

In all cases, we will start with extensive investigation. We do this through a process of fair hearing. This means we will try to get your story as clear as possible first and ask the accused for his or her side of the story. We often find that direct contact with the accused is a good solution in itself. To do so we will organise a mediation meeting. If that is not effective or impossible we can also compose a letter of complaint for you.


To the Human Rights Council or filing a criminal complaint

If we cannot come to a solution together with the accused party, we will go the College voor de Rechten van de Mens (Human Rights Council/CRM – mensenrechten.nl) together with you. We will ask for a judgment on your case. If necessary, we will go with you to the police and file a criminal complaint.

Report your complaint!

We support, offer help and mediate. Oftentimes we act on your behalf and contact the discriminator. It is also possible to report without pursuing further action. Every report matters!

What is discrimination?

There are different forms of discrimination. Are you unsure if you or someone else is being discriminated against, then please contact us.
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