Social exclusion at school

A school systematically stops inviting parents to school activities if they have not paid the tuition or additional fees. In many cases, changes to the school policy are needed to stop this type of social exclusion.

Constructive mediation meeting

A parent therefore files a complaint with the Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam based on social exclusion. During the intake meeting we decide to contact our partners at Onderwijs Consumenten Organisatie (Education Consumers Organisation), Onderwijs Ondersteunings Centrum (Education Support Center) and the Kinderombudsman (The Children’s Representative). We also contact the school’s director. Through a process of fair hearing, our consultant initiates a constructive conversation with the parent and the director.


Following the meeting, the school adjusts their policy on a number of areas. An explicit waiver, or debt forgiveness procedure, is implemented for families living on the social minimum. The director also promises to appoint a mediator for the upper school level who is aware of all the provisions available for families living on the social minimum.