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Let op! Wij zijn verhuisd. Je vindt ons nu op de Hobbemakade 29-H.

Humans of Film Festival: Ticket sales at Podium Mozaïek and Het Ketelhuis is open!

From Sept. 24 to 26, Humans of Film Festival 2021 will screen a program featuring
14 feature films, 14+ short films and thematic fringe programming at our
metropolitan festival venues, Het Ketelhuis and Podium Mozaïek in Amsterdam West.
The 2021 festival theme is Louder than before: Against racism & discrimination. In
cooperation with human rights organizations from Amsterdam West combines the
festival's film program with panel discussions and filmmaker Q&As, to highlight the
connect with and make the themes tangible to the Amsterdam

Context | Amsterdam
The pandemic has revealed many new social problems,
and amplifies existing problems. It is therefore more important than ever to tell the stories about these
share and provide a stage for people whose stories are not heard often enough
become part of our society. From the beginning of the pandemic, the number of
anti-Asian racism incidents up. Police violence against black people and people
of color became more visible and resulted in worldwide protests. Gender related
Violence and discrimination against LGBT communities continues to rise, and other forms
of racism and discrimination have emerged more clearly. Out of ignorance, fear,
anger and hatred forms dangerous ideas about "the other. Islamophobia, anti-Semitism,
class inequality, validism and refugee hatred are the result.
"We should always talk about racism and discrimination. This festival in Amsterdam West, by
Amsterdam West is shaping this in a very positive way. The first year 2020
was at once a double test for the festival, with both a debut and that in a year of the
pandemic. I therefore wholeheartedly support this festival and hope that this year it will go ahead as planned
can continue".
- Fenna Ulichki -

The festival aims to bring the pressing issues addressed in the films as close as possible to the audience.
possible for the Amsterdam public. These are not abstract problems that are
taking place on the other side of the world, but issues that affect us all. By
through Q&As, talks and post-sessions with various speakers and
representatives of local organizations, the organizers want the universal
Making topics tangible to the Amsterdam public.

Opening film
The opening film Unapologetic (A shley O'Shay, 2020) follows t wo young women who find themselves
deploy as leaders of the Movement for Black Lives movement after the death of their friend
Rekia Boyd by hand of police. The film discusses racism, discrimination, gender roles
and inequality. The film magazine Variety called the film "A love letter to the Movement for
Black Lives". This powerful documentary shows the daily struggles of black, queer
feminists in America.

In collaboration with several Amsterdam organizations, partner location
Podium Mozaïek a floor program will take place where through film, as well as
other art forms, raising awareness about racism and discrimination is central.
With our collaborative partner Be Connected, we facilitate a program where
elderly, isolation and COVID-19 center stage. Who's Right Festival, presents Why Talk
Rights?! to highlight the importance of conversations about human rights. In doing so,
topics such as human rights violations against Uighurs in China and
the LGBT+ communities in Eastern European countries (especially Poland). Our Sponsor
Pan Asian Collective and Broadcasting PAC, through their program StopAsianHate, are providing
For more attention to anti-Asian racism.

Closing film
The festival closes on Sunday evening with the Japanese film Along the Sea (Akio Fujimoto,
2020). The compelling feature film tells the story of three young Vietnamese women who are
seek their fortune in Japan as illegal migrant workers. A gripping film about
human trafficking and poverty, based on true stories and interviews with
female Vietnamese migrants in Japan. At the Cairo I FF 2020, the film won the Award
for Best Film dealing with Human Trafficking Issues and at the Nippon Connection Film
Festival 2021 the Nippon Vision Jury Award.

Our Jurors 2021
We proudly present to you the judges of HoFF 2021. Yan Ting Yuen | 袁 欣 婷
(cinematographer: My Father's Choice, 2017; MR. Hu and the Temple, 2015), Chris Belloni
(Director: I nternational Queer & Migrant Film Festival) and Ray Blinker (Director |
Producer: Tulsa Studios) . All three represent a diversity of film proffesionals
who have made it in the Dutch film landscape. Together, they will present the
competition films. During this process, they will consider, for example
the connection the films make to the festival theme, as well as the composition of the
film-narratives and to how gripping, effective and powerful the films are, to ultimately
announce to our audience the winning feature documentary or feature film.

Young Critics Award
This year we have a new category for the awards. Selected young students
will award the Young Critics Award to the Competition Short films. We will be in
announce who these young students and film enthusiasts are ahead of the film festival.

Sept. 16, 2021 press screenings at The Boilerhouse
We may share the wonderful news that, as a young and new film festival, we also have physical
press be allowed to host performances. By the current COVID-19 measures, this seemed to be
first not possible, but we are allowed 13 journalists, though a limited number, due to the
COVID-19 measures, invite the opening film: Unapologetic (2020) and the
final film: Along the Sea (2021) to view and review. Are you interested? Enter this
in a timely manner by contacting us by email at: press@humansoffilmfestival.com The
press screening will also be posted at FDN on filmdepot.com.
The full program can be found on our website. The complete lists of our
film selection, panelists and the organizations they represent are enclosed. Press kits
and the like may be requested from us by mail. If you use the poster
images, please include the following credits: © 2021 Kin Mug | Mik Designers,
© 2021 Nathalie Sital | @Magin.Design

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