Report discrimination!

Have you been discriminated against? Have you witnessed discrimination against someone else? Report it today!
We take every case equally seriously. We listen to your story and work with you to find the best solution. This all happens discreetly and carefully. We support, offer help and mediate. Oftentimes we act on your behalf and contact the discriminator. It is also possible to report without pursuing further action. Every report matters!
Is dit discriminatie?

Is this discrimination?

When is something discrimination? We understand it might be difficult sometimes to properly recognise discrimination. Have you been rejected from a job as truck driver because you don’t have a driver’s license? That is not discrimination. Have you been rejected because you are a woman, Muslim or homosexual? Then there has definitely been discrimination.

What do we do with you your report?

Make sure you always report instances of discrimination! What do we do with your report? First, we listen to your story and register your complaint. After that we respond within five business days and invite you for an intake meeting. Some topics we might discuss include what exactly you want done and what you might expect from us. On the basis of each situation we will then get to work for you.


In our news overview you find our latest news regarding the Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam. You can also find the events in which we participate.

Examples of discrimination

We receive hundreds of complaints every year. Although all complaints are about discrimination, they are all different.

Housing not granted

The client lives under the supervision of a foundation supporting victims who cannot live independently. Through the foundation she gets assigned another housing unit.

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Have you been discriminated against?
Report it today!

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