Let op! Wij zijn verhuisd. Je vindt ons nu op de Hobbemakade 29-H. Wil je langskomen, maak je dan even een afspraak? Ons telefoonnummer is nog hetzelfde: 020-638 55 51.

Let op! Wij zijn verhuisd. Je vindt ons nu op de Hobbemakade 29-H.

March 21 is the International Day Against Discrimination and Racism. The Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam (MDRA) is launching its campaign, "Not all signals of discrimination are always obvious. They are if you report it!"

Report discrimination to the MDRA
'Discrimination takes many forms and people do not readily report discrimination when they experience it
get it or see it happen. Unfortunately, whole groups are used to being treated unfairly
and so they only knock on the door when the drop is the bucket," says director of the MDRA
Jerrol Marten. 'In addition, bystanders do not really know where to turn if they encounter discrimination in
their immediate environment hear and or see happening. We are launching a campaign with a clear
call to action for both victims and bystanders: report discrimination to the MDRA! The
message of the campaign capitalizes on the senses, seeing, hearing, feeling and should be both
victims as well as bystanders with this to report discrimination.

Shaun Voogd and Jesper van Langen of FILMMACHT, the inventors and creators behind this
campaign, commissioned by the MDRA, say the following about the idea and origins of
this campaign, "The signs of discrimination are not always obvious because it is not always possible to
see, hear or even feel. It is necessary to make this statement. But especially unfortunate that
it is still needed in our society today."

In addition to focusing on reporting discrimination, the awareness campaign also addresses
what discrimination is and what the MDRA does when a report is made.

MDRA: the hotline for discrimination
People who have experienced and/or witnessed discrimination do not always know where to put this
can report. The campaign clarifies this: the MDRA is the hotline for
discrimination where all residents of the Amsterdam region can go for advice and information
about discrimination, making a report and for free complaint handling, such as mediation or
assistance in filing a report when the need arises. Complaints can also be made anonymously
done and the MDRA offers a listening ear and support to everyone. Contact
with the MDRA can be done through our contact page, by phone at 020 638 55 51, by mail at
discriminatie@mdra.nl and via Whatsapp.
Instagram: @meldpuntdiscriminatieregioamsterdam and #melddiscriminatie

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