This app allows anyone to report incidents related to racism and discrimination in soccer and beyond.

Because if one does nothing, nothing will change. The app is part of the joint plan of attack against racism and discrimination in soccer, "Football belongs to everyone," an initiative of the central government, KNVB, Eredivisie CV, Keuken Kampioen Divisie and Vrouwen Eredivisie. With all the features for soccer, the Discrimination Reporter is the updated version of the Report Discrimination Now app from Discriminatie.nl, the national association of discrimination services.

From all layers and corners of society, people gather on or around the soccer field. That is what makes soccer so beautiful, but also vulnerable to racism and discrimination. The norm is that no form of this is accepted. With the Discrimination Reporter, one has three options to report: Report General, Professional Football and Amateur Football. Reports in the first category are followed up by Discriminatie.nl, as previously with Report Discrimination Now.

Report in the stadium

For professional soccer, the app is primarily for stadium visitors. They can make a report if an incident occurs in the stadium. This report goes directly to the safety coordinator in the stadium, so that, for example, a steward can be asked to attend. For amateur soccer, the reports go to Discriminatie.nl, the KNVB receives an overview of clubs where incidents have been reported and an anonymous description of the incident. Discriminatie.nl then contacts the reporter and if the reporter wishes, the KNVB is also involved. The KNVB contacts the association. In addition, the case can be submitted to the secretary of the special prosecutor for discrimination to assess whether a disciplinary case can be started or a preliminary investigation to that end.

Reports can also be made anonymously. It is then not possible to follow up on the reporter, but the incidents are registered. This creates a picture of the problem and it is clear where and what actions are needed.

Report the app here or do here online a notification.