Jubilee Discrimination Hotline needed more than ever, with record number of discrimination and racism reports

Amsterdam April 21, 2020

The Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam (MDRA) exists 25 years this year. An anniversary marked by a new approach within the Discrimination Reporting Point, with a new director and changes in the board. At the same time, the Discrimination Hotline received a record number of discrimination and racism reports, an increase of more than 120%. The size is only a small reflection of the urgency that the Discrimination Hotline records and reflects in the trends. And so 25 years as an anniversary year is the starting point for a new direction, with a growing need for connection, collaboration and assistance.

New wind

The Dutch Complaints Bureau for Discrimination has found in Jerrol Marten its new director, who, partly due to his years of expertise in combating human trafficking and setting up sustainable collaborations, knows what is needed in the year 2021 for the Complaints Bureau for Discrimination to do its work for society more effectively and in a more connected way. It was a conscious choice to have new board members with diverse backgrounds join Marten to strengthen the connection with the social field. And so a new wind with a new élan is blowing through the Discrimination Agency.

More than doubling

2020 was an eventful year. The Discrimination Hotline received a whopping 120% more reports of discrimination and racism. Anti-black racism, labor market discrimination and, due to Corona, an explosion of anti-Asian racism, dominated the numbers and number of reports. The path to the Discrimination Hotline seems increasingly easy to find. The urgency and role for the Meldpunt Discriminatie is important to capture the nature, extent and trends in the field and to raise it with (cooperation) partners and policy makers in the regional municipalities.

Connection and cooperation

And so Marten, with his team of consultants and a policy officer, is committed to being a connector. The G4+ will cooperate more in the field of anti-discrimination and anti-racism by using a more integrated approach. It is also actively pursuing connection and cooperation with social and community partners to be in direct contact with citizens experiencing discrimination, in search of new dialogues and new commitments.


Throughout the year, the Discrimination Hotline will organize several activities in light of its 25th anniversary. Keep an eye on the social media and website of the Meldpunt Discriminatie.