Sexual abuse has no consequence at Talpa (except more ratings)

This conclusion stems from the return of Johan Derksen and the program Today Inside on television. Initially, the program was supposed to stop because Johan Derksen refused to apologize.[1] But less than two weeks later, the first broadcast was already on the air.

This broadcast, from Monday, May 16, talks about the return and why no apologies are being made. There is even a middle finger extended to the people who have said something about this or publicly thought something about it (including "the hysterical ladies"). Derksen does still say, "that his wife made it clear to him, that the people who are really affected by sexual violence, he may have hurt them with this and that was not his intention, but for the rest... (the middle finger)."

The "miss" in question that Johan Derksen talked about in earlier episodes surely does not belong within this group, according to him, since the "candle incident" according to Johan was soon different from what he initially had so much to say about.

One and a half million viewers watched the episode and they all saw that there are no consequences if you sexually abuse or assault women (now or in the past). Because after 2 weeks of "vacation" Johan Derksen is just back on the tube and no consequence for his behavior has taken place. What kind of signal does this send to these one and a half million viewers? That as a man you can just do whatever you want with a woman and get away with it?

In an interview on Radio 1, Paul Römer*, Talpa Network's director of radio and television, indicated that he felt that a line has been crossed and that confessing to a crime is different from expressing your opinion. What will be done now that this line has been crossed and what kind of signal does this send as an employer? Is the only thing that matters then really the ratings?

Apparently it all does not matter at Talpa, because Johan Derksen is back, feels like a huge victim for what has been done to him and ultimately has no loyalty whatsoever to Talpa, his co-presenters or his viewers, because his statement of Tuesday night, May 24: "I'm only here for the money" says enough....

Column by Debbie Koekkoek, Discrimination Consultant at the Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam.