Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam is looking for board members (m/f)

Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam works as an independent foundation and regional anti-discrimination agency (ADV) to fight and prevent discrimination. We carry out these tasks for all municipalities in the region and with local and national institutions in the field of equal treatment and anti-discrimination. We do this through:

  • complaint handling;
  • information and advice;
  • conducting research;
  • prevention and education.

The Meldpunt Discriminatie offers an independent and accessible facility where anyone in the Amsterdam region who encounters discrimination can go. Meldpunt Discriminatie handles these complaints based on equal treatment legislation, mediates and seeks lasting solutions.
Meldpunt Discriminatie also provides registration in order to make the nature and scope of discrimination visible and, for example, to provide local governments with information for making policy. Furthermore, the Dutch Discrimination Agency conducts research, advises, trains, provides public information and cooperates with partners. The Meldpunt Discriminatie is subsidized and thus carries out the legal tasks based on the Municipal Antidiscrimination Services Act for the municipalities of Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Diemen, Ouder-Amstel and Uithoorn. 

Structure and governance
A compact team works in our Amsterdam office. The director is in charge of day-to-day management. The board supervises and consists of a minimum of five members. We apply the Social Work Governance Code. 

Main duties of the board:

  • supervision and control of management;
  • solicited and unsolicited advice to management;
  • ultimate managerial responsibility for the organization including finances.

The board operates collegially. In addition to the necessary generalist view, each board member focuses on one or more of the following areas of interest: public administration and strategy; finance and operations; science and research; legal affairs, human resources; marketing and communications; knowledge of ADV's field of work, collaborative partners and clients. As a whole, the board is socially broadly informed, with each member having relevant networks.

Due to expiring terms of office, we are looking for one or more new board members.

Desired profile

  • clear and realistic vision of inclusion and exclusion, of effectively tackling discrimination, and of positioning the Discrimination Hotline,
  • Knowledge of the various grounds for discrimination; 
  • Sense of administrative and social relationships;
  • business view of running a nonprofit institution;
  • sufficient availability, energy and flexibility.

We strive in the composition of the board to reflect the population of the Amsterdam region. Administrative experience is an advantage. The position is unpaid. The board meets an average of five times a year.


For more substantive information, please contact board member Mitchell Esajas ( General information and annual reports are on our website ( We would like to receive your response no later than Monday, May 4, 2020. Please send your letter with CV by e-mail to Vincent Verkoelen, Acting Director (